Anti-fascist techno hip hop punks head to Edinburgh

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE: their latest music video, for the track 'What We Do', is filled with rapping, graffiti, extreme Russian tea-drinking and some serious cat-petting

by Voice Reporter • Moscow Death Brigade (MDB) is an anti-fascist techno/rap/punk phenomenon from Russia that plays ‘Circle Pit Hip-Hop’.

They’re a burning Molotov of electronic music, hardcore punk and rap, forged in graffiti and street culture.

With a progressive social message against war, racism and all discrimination, they’re ready to storm Edinburgh on Monday 12 November.

In their first ever tour of Britain and Ireland, MDB will perform seven headline gigs in support of their latest album, Boltcutter.

As part of the tour, MDB will be promoting a benefit campaign to raise funds and awareness for non-profit organisations helping victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence in Russia.

“We are committed to ending the misogyny and fear faced by women in our homeland and we hope this tour will send a powerful message of hope; that the victims are not alone,” says MDB’s Boltcutter Vlad.

“As a band and as individuals we have zero tolerance for any kinds of sexual abuse.

“Unfortunately, in many places around the world, including Russia, survivors of sexual crimes usually become the blamed ones, receiving no support from the authorities and society, while rapists are getting away with their crimes.

“If we can rock together, we can stand up together against the culture of justifying rape and give a helping hand to those who need it.”

As part of their campaign, the band has released an exclusive “No Means No” T-shirt, which will be available on their tour. The shirt incorporates an MDB crocodile biting a hand which represents the perpetrators accused of sexual violence.

MDB has worked with and raised money for the Sisters Center, a Russian non-governmental, non-profit organisation that helps survivors of sexual violence, founded by a group of women in Moscow in 1994.

From their roots in 2008, MDB have grown from progressive Russian social movements and the underground graffiti scene to become one of the most welcomed independent touring acts in the European punk, hardcore, social activist, and anti-fascist scenes today. MDB Edinburgh awaits you.

• See MDB at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Edinburgh on 12 November

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