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Scottish Socialist Voice was first published by Scottish Militant Labour in November 1996. In the first issue, we promised to cover the real issues of concern to real people, to report struggles for better conditions in workplaces and communities, to campaign against poverty, to expose corruption and denounce inequality, and to fight tirelessly for genuine democracy.

To this day, our news agenda remains the same.

A vital component of democracy is a free media. And as the ownership of media in 21st century Scotland is concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer big companies, as they buy up the competition, our news sources are increasingly tied to the interests of a small number of very, very rich men.

Even on the internet, where communication was supposed to run wild and free, ownership by huge corporations has allowed censorship to encroach as they protect their profits.

The Voice is published by the Scottish Socialist Party, and we wear our bias on our sleeve. Because we are not run for profit, because we don’t have to doff our caps to corporate advertisers, we are free to stand squarely on the side of the people.

From Scotland’s streets, and all over the world, we’ll let you know how people are fighting back – for better wages, against environmental degradation, for human rights.

We’re hammering out a bright red space in the bland media world. We give room to ideas when all around us, dumbing down is the order of the day.

Issue by issue, campaign by campaign, we raise the ideas of equality, peace and justice, of another, better way of organising our world which would see poverty, war and oppression wiped out.

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