SSP activists mark minimum wage increase with push for £10-an-hour

£10 NOW! SSP members took to the streets to demand a £10-an-hour minimum wage for all. Without campaigns like ours, there wouldn’t even be a minimum wage to increase (Photo: Craig Maclean)

by Voice Reporter · The National Minimum Wage went up by 38p on Monday April 1st from £7.83/per hour to £8.21. The SSP marked this over the weekend by taking campaigns onto the streets with stalls in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Speaking at a street stall in Glasgow SSP national co-spokesperson Colin Fox said: “We have collected over 100,000 signatures pressing our demand for a £10 an hour minimum wage for all irrespective of age and our work in the unions means that this demand is now the policy of the TUC.

“It’s not enough of course—we want £10/hour because that’s the rate the Government say you need to be earning to pay your own way. But make no mistake, without campaigns like ours it would not be going up at all.”

Among the activists who took the highly popular £10 demand to the streets in Glasgow—collecting over 1,000 signatures in support was new member Críostóir de Piondargas a 33 year old Art and Gaelic teacher from Mosspark in the Southside of Glasgow.

Get involved
Speaking to the Voice he said: “Today gave me my first opportunity to take part in an activity with the SSP. After having only joined the party last week after leaving the SNP earlier this year, I was eager to get involved and meet my comrades.

“I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and the warm welcome I received making it all the easier to get involved.

“While I had experience as an activist, I was quite unsure what to expect on my first action as an SSP member. I was very pleased at the positive response we received from the public. It was clear to me was that the campaign for a £10 living wage is close to many people’s hearts.

GIVE US FAIR PAY: SSP co-spokesperson Colin Fox said, “without campaigns like ours the minimum wage would not be going up at all.” (Photo: Craig Maclean)

“As well as people who rely on a minimum wage income, we received support from many others who have friends or relatives on minimum wage, and other simply believe it is the right thing to do.

“Despite what the media and establishment political parties may say, this shows me that socialist values still resonate with the people of Scotland today. They are still very much relevant to people’s everyday lives and principle of solidarity is still strong.

“While Brexit dominates the political landscape, there are still far too many people struggling to get by on low wages.

“Food banks, homelessness, council tax, the NHS. These are the real issues that affect people’s daily lives and the real problems to be solved.

“With the prospect of Indyref2 on the horizon, we, as Socialists have a responsibility to make our voices heard and make sure that these issues are at the forefront the debate.

“Its clear that people want positive change and I’m proud to be a member of a party that strives to deliver not only an independent socialist Scotland but a modern democratic republic as well.”

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