Council leader Burns must go over Edinburgh schools scandal demands Colin Fox

Colin Fox (Photo: Craig Maclean)

• RISE Lothians candidate Colin Fox has demanded the resignation of Edinburgh council chief Andrew Burns over the closure of 17 city schools as too unsafe to be used.

Fox said: “Andrew Burns hand-wringing about the revelation that 17 city schools, built under the notorious PFI scheme which have been found to be too dangerous to use, rings hollow.

“Burns was centrally involved when these discredited PFI deals were struck and has, with his colleagues, supported their use despite warnings that they were both hugely expensive and took school building outside council control.

“Now we discover that not only is PFI a rip off it but it has saddled parents, staff and students with unsafe buildings that look like being closed indefinitely.

“Councillor Burns cannot duck this issue by blaming ESP since they were appointed by councillors who accepted that the PFI process involved secrecy and a loss of council control with the results we now see.

“Faced with the monumental crisis his policies are now imposing on Edinburgh schools Cllr Burns should take the only honest course and resign as council leader.”

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