Conference marks next stage for Scotland’s Left Alliance

CM-Alan Bissett-RISE

Alan Bissett: “I’ll be backing RISE on the list vote in the Holyrood elections 2016, not because I’m a particular believer in tactical voting but because I want to see a strong, socialist pro-indy voice in our parliament” (Photo: Craig Maclean)

by Jonathon Shafi RISE – Scotland’s Left Alliance, is on the cusp of moving on to the next phase of our development. Since our launch at the end of August we have been developing local activist Circles across Scotland. We have started from the grassroots to rebuild the electoral capacity of radical left. And our presence is growing. Our reports on water privatisation, education testing and land reform have shown how we intend to campaign: with credibility and by providing concrete alternatives. By taking part in demonstrations against the Tories, fracking and the coming mobilisations on climate change and anti-racism we show how we intend to make change: with one foot in the parliament, and a thousand in the streets.

Members and affiliates of RISE will decide the policy platform we put forward in 2016 at our first ever democratic conference on 5 December. You can be there.

Together we will work on new ways of organising and effective community engagement. We will deploy a dynamic campaign in 2016. Your ideas can be at the forefront.

The political situation is fluid and evolving. It needs anchored in the ideas of the radical left. It needs rooted in the people’s politics that inspired the independence movement. We have a chance to create a rainbow parliament of diverse pro-independence forces.

We need to ensure that there is a radical block of MSPs that will hold the SNP to account at the same time as agitating for independence. The Scotland Bill, which excludes the right for us to call a referendum, shows in stark terms the need for a pro-independence parliament. RISE MSPs will make sure we take radical action backed up with a new movement of movements for independence.

Our world is going in the wrong direction. Socialist ideas are not an optional extra. They are necessary. From grinding the war machine to a halt, to preventing catastrophic climate change, capitalism is a system providing problems that require radical solutions.

That’s why we continue to build international links. We want to be part of a global movement for radical change. For us it starts here in Scotland. With your input we will be stronger, with your ideas we will be better equipped intellectually and with your energy we will be a progressive force in every community. RISE – Scotland’s Left Alliance is moving on to the next stage.

Soon everything will be in place and our campaign will hit the streets. We want you to be part of it. Be there on 5 December and help shape the socialist campaign for 2016.

• Join RISE – Scotland’s Left Alliance and register for RISE Democracy Conference (5 December, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall) at

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