Bairns Not Bombs – Scrap Trident action in April


Saturday 4 April, March and Rally, 11am, George Square, Glasgow • Monday 13 April, Faslane Blockade, from 7am

by David McKenzie, Scrap Trident Coalition “A country is not only what it does, it is also what it tolerates” – Kurt Tucholsky 1933 “Nukes are so 20th century” – Anon. The Scottish Stir is seriously aggravating the already developing anxiety within the British state about its sovereignty, identity and power. In the midst of this crisis the question of nuclear weapons goes on being an emblematic and awkward piece of grit, as a key symbol of the old order and its inability to recognise the nature of human security in the 21st century.

One of the illustrative features of the crisis is the contradiction between frenetic attention to borders and immigration on the one hand and the casual acceptance of invasive and destructive aspects of globalisation, such as TTIP, on the other.

For ordinary working people, this is of course the double whammy—being stripped of rights, decent reward and security if here at home and of all these plus life itself if elsewhere or desperately on the move.

For progressive movements the imperative is to articulate ever more clearly our understanding of global human security worldwide. This is of course one of the good paradoxes of the independence movement—to separate so that we can join the world in solidarity.

And where better to illuminate the true meaning than up against its antithesis—the insane world of Dr Strangelove?

And as folk more and more realise the malign realities of a weapon system designed to murder millions, so do they more clearly see and treasure the things that matter for humanity.

The demo on 4 April and the blockade of Faslane on the 13th have been designed to provide a good context for expressing exactly that.

In Scrap Trident, we recently had a mild but provocative comment about what the writer saw as our negativity, our relentless concentration on the dark.

It was a fair point. We all need to remember the positive vision that lies behind our opposition and rejection, that it is all about love, about peaceful community, about fairness among us, far-stretching hands of solidarity, deep understanding between us and care for this magical perch. This is why we chose ‘Bairns not Bombs’ as the core of our message.

We are now beginning to get a sense that the march and rally in Glasgow on 4 April is going to be big but there is still time for all those who share this vision to go that extra mobilising step, and in particular to talk it over with friends and family.

The same goes for the blockade on the 13th. For those who might be considering risking arrest at the blockade we are providing training sessions in nonviolent direct action.

But there is also need for many to be there in active support, as legal observers, tea-makers, photographers, filmmakers, banner drapers, singers, drummers, welfare-watchers, transport helpers, interview givers, etc. etc.

• Saturday 4 April, March and Rally, 11am, George Square/ Monday 13 April, Faslane Blockade, from 7am. Details of both events—including a full briefing for the blockade—can be found at

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