Help us raise the funds we need to fight for socialist independence

Dunfermline SSP branch meeting 24-09-14 by Jim McVicar, SSP National Treasurer The result of the Scottish independence referendum was a body blow to every one who had worked so hard in the Yes campaign over the last two years. However, that 1.6 million people in Scotland still voted for independence and Yes took 45 per cent of the vote is a magnificent achievement for the movement.

A sleeping giant has been awoken, with thousands of Scots being politicised and joining pro-independence parties. Scottish politics will be transformed in the run up to the Westminster elections in 2015 and the Holyrood elections of 2016, where the pro-union parties, particularly Labour, will pay the price at the ballot box for their support for the union.

The Scottish Socialist Party received close to 3000 membership applications since the referendum results and, thanks to the Herculean efforts of a team of party members in Edinburgh, all those applications have been sent a SSP membership pack and already the party has seen some magnificent results with 71 people attending one branch meeting in the southside of Glasgow, 30 people in Dunfermline and a new branch established in Aberdeen.

The SSP going from strength to strength, with plans for many more meetings and new branches throughout Scotland in the run up to our national all-members conference in Edinburgh on 25 October. We hope as many of our new members as possible will be able to attend.

The recruitment campaign and all the related follow up work has of course placed an unexpected strain on the party’s finance and, as I am sure you’re aware, the SSP has no rich friends to bankroll us. We depend solely on the financial support of our friends, members and supporters.

We’ve spent around £2,000 sending out new recruitment packs. I am appealing to you as SSP members and Voice readers to make a donation to the party to help us raise the money for the membership packs, leaflets and cost of meetings which are all so crucial in building the SSP and helping the party grow in every part of Scotland. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your continuing support.

How to pledge and donate to the SSP appeal fund: 
• Online at
• In person via your local SSP branch
• By cheque, payable to ‘Scottish Socialist Party’ – send to Jim McVicar, SSP National Treasurer, Suite 307, 93 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6LD
• Text 07810205747 with your pledge amount and email address if you have one
• Bank transfer – SSP Appeal Fund Account, Co-op Bank, Sort Code 08-92-99 / Account No. 65094637
• Via PayPal:

If you want to help further in any way, or if you want more details, contact Jim McVicar on 07810205747 or email:

However you choose to pledge, please text Jim the details so we can keep track of all donations. Thank you.

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