A No vote will bring more cuts

by Sandra Webster David Cameron recently announced that future policies churned out for the ConDems will be family-friendly – £10billion will be provided to support vulnerable ones. No doubt somewhere in the Shires, such news will be accompanied by great outpouring of joy. But for those of us living in “North Britain” we see it for what it is.

The ConDems have already decided the result of the referendum and have began campaigning for next year’s general election. And £10billion is an especially poignant figure to unpaid carers as that is the figure estimated that we save the taxpayer every year.

This is just another example of the doublespeak of the ConDems who have slashed the living standards of the majority of families and this is only the beginning the misery they will continue with the rollout of universal credit and the tea-partying of the welfare state. These family friendly policies will be designed to benefit particular families and they will not include my own or those of my friends and comrades.

We have throughout the independence campaign been keen to present the positive case. It was left to Project Fear to frighten people into a No vote. However, as we move into the last few weeks of the campaign we have to inform folk of the impact a No vote will have on our communities and Scotland. A No vote will mean the continuation of Westminster rule and the existing party system. There is little difference between any of the political parties who are there. All the political parties are keen to emphasise that they will continue with benefit cuts or reform as they choose to name them.

The misery of universal credit will be rolled out UK wide. Despite their promises to support vulnerable families the payment of UC to one family member may mean women and their children lose out. Iain Duncan Smith this week said that benefit cuts were necessary to save the economy. A No vote will deliver further austerity and a justification to punish the poor both in and out of work. Choose No and people with disabilities will continue to be forced to endure the humiliation of work capability assessments. ATOS may have given up the contract but other companies such as Capita will continue to deliver them in centres like Cadogan Street in Glasgow. DLA will be replaced by Personal Independent Payments or PIP.

Already people with disabilities and the organisations that represent them have began to raise the alarm that many people will find their benefits cuts. The Scottish government’s own figures estimate that 100,000 Scots currently in receipt of DLA may lose over £1000 a year in the changeover to PIP payments. How ironic that due to lack of enough money people will find their personal independence greatly affected. Choose No and vote for the end of our NHS, where care is free to all at the point of need. Expect a charge to see your GP and Richard Branson providing not only your broadband but your healthcare. Some argue that our system is devolved and thus protected but the cuts down south will impact on healthcare here.

A No vote means Trident will remain in Scotland. Enough of a nuclear arsenal a few miles from the most densely inhabited area of Scotland. A nuclear accident waiting to happen. It will mean more economic conscripts will be part of illegal wars of a fading empire when we instead should be offering the hand of friendship. Only a Yes vote will secure the kind of Scotland we want to live in. None of us are naive to believe the morning after a successful referendum we will wake up to blue skies and rainbows.
It will be time to roll up our sleeves and fight for an independent socialist Scotland – the only way we can have a kinder fairer society for all of us. Sadly though, we have to remind people of the harsh realities of voting No. It will not mean devolution and more powers.

‘No Thanks’ taunt the existing Scottish Government to make changes now but the current Westminster government has had ample opportunity to give Scotland more powers and has shown no interest. Why would a No vote change this?
The truth is, it will not. We have only a few weeks left and I invite you comrades to continue to win the campaign in our homes, workplaces, colleges. A Yes vote is the only vote that will benefit working class people and their families. Families like mine and yours. Let’s take the message to those we care about. The prospect of a No vote is too frightening.

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