A sporting chance?


ENDURANCE: created and performed by over twenty women living in Glasgow, this new production considers the changing role of women in competitive sport

Preview: Endurance by Catrin Evans and The Women’s Creative Company. The Arches, Argyle Street, Glasgow, 24–27 July, various times Endurance is a theatre project which has brought together over a dozen women from across Glasgow to show the achievements and challenges of sportswomen from across the commonwealth nations.

“While it is fairly easy to find out about a white man who sprints for Australia, getting information on, for example, a female triple-jumper from Ghana has proved a lot more difficult”, says Catrin Evans, artistic director of the Women’s Creative Company. But it is these women’s stories that Endurance attempts to bring to a wider audience.
The women involved in the project have been researching a number of sportswomen whilst also examining the issues around women in sport in general such as gender testing and how their sporting achievements are reported and commented on in the media.
It also poses questions like, have things really changed for women now that they are ‘allowed’ to participate in competitive boxing and weightlifting, and what does it mean for women to be living under the ‘British Empire’?

• A Moment’s Peace Theatre Company in co-production with The Arches
Box office: 0141 565 1000

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